Interview: Meet Charlyn Keating Who Reveals Her Formula for Successful Apps

The app story of Charlyn Keating, an indie app developer from Florida, United States who makes $2400 per month on the app store. Read the story of how frustration with making money on app store led her to interview 32 app experts in the Appreneur Summit, write an Amazon bestseller and made her a successful app entrepreneur in the process.

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

charlyn keating appreneur summit      charlyn keating apps

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Interview: Meet Charles Du Who Designed NASA’s First iPhone App

The app story of Charles Du, a product manager, and designer from San Francisco, USA who designed NASA’s first iPhone app which has received 10+ million downloads. Learn how his experience at NASA and later Apple helped him figure out the process to create a great app.

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on right now?

                 nasa app icon

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Interview: Meet Jonas Downey Who Turned His Fun Side-Project Into The Best Weather App on iPhone

The app success story of Jonas Downey, a web-developer turned appreneur from Chicago, USA who turned his fun side-project with 2 friends into a mobile app making $600/month while working full-time. Learn how his dissatisfaction with the available weather apps led him to learn mobile app development and create a beautiful weather app that got rated as the best weather app on iPhone.

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

Jonas Downey Hello Weather App Success Story               Hello Weather App Icon

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Interview: Meet Philipp Who Has Figured the Secret Sauce for Getting Featured by Apple

The app success story of a 26-year-old indie app developer from Germany, Philipp Stollenmayer, who got more than 15 million app downloads on iOS and Android and generates a full-time income while still in college. Learn about his secret sauce for getting featured by Apple with a spectacular 9 Apple features till now.   

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

Philipp Stollenmayer Kamibox   Kamibox apps Philipp Stollenmayer

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Interview: Meet Amir Rajan Who Took His Text-Based Game to No. 1 on App Store

The app success story of indie game developer Amir Rajan who got more than 3 million app downloads for his text-based RPG game that went on to hit #1 on the iOS App Store and #2 on Google Play Store making him over a million dollars in the process. 

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

Amir Rajan app success story with A Dark Room                 A Dark Room Game Icon

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Interview: Meet Saso Pompe Whose App Homey Makes Chores Fun for Kids

The app success story of Saso Pompe and Sanja Zepan who got more than 50,000 users for their app Homey which helps parents motivate their kids to do chores through gamification. Launching a basic version of the app quickly and continuously adding user feedback enabled them to make $3000 per month.  

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

Saso Sanja Homey app cofounders    Homey app logo

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Interview: Meet Alex Genadinik Who Got 2 Million App Downloads Helping Other Entrepreneurs

The app success story of software engineer Alex Genadinik who got more than 2 million app downloads helping other entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Not only that, he is also 3 times best-selling Amazon author,  a Udemy instructor with 90,000+ students and host of a popular business and marketing channel on Youtube.

1. Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

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Top 5 Courses Every Mobile App Entrepreneur Should Take

You would have read success stories about mobile app entrepreneurs who just made an app on the app store and became an overnight millionaire. But it’s not 2008 anymore!

Do you think Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, just happened to create a game that became an overnight sensation and earned them a billion-dollar valuation? Think again!

Rovio went through 51 failures before creating a game like Angry Birds. Moreover, they also had a smart marketing strategy at hand. They made more money from selling Angry Birds’ brand merchandise than from the app itself.

But you don’t need to go through 51 failures to create a successful app! You can learn from the experiences of successful app entrepreneurs and shorten the learning curve.

And what if I tell you, this information is already available out there. These app entrepreneurs who have created hundreds of apps, have millions of downloads and created an app empire are ready to hold your hand and teach you their secrets.

The question is, ‘Are you willing to learn from them?’

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Interview: Meet Elliot Schrock Whose Apps Got A Million Downloads on Google Without Any Marketing

The app success story of indie developer Elliot Schrock who got more than a million downloads on Google Play Store and makes Full-Time income from his apps while doing consulting on the side.

Developer Name  Elliot Schrock
App Name Subway NYC
App Niche Maps & Navigation
App Description Map for subway transit
iOS/Android Android
Country United States
Year Published 2013
Pricing Free (ads)
Revenue (per month) $1,000 – $5,000
Downloads 500,000+
No. of people 1
Reason for success Solved a problem through app, Chose market carefully
Social Media @elliot_schrock

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10 Books Every Mobile App Entrepreneur Must Read

From 1 website in 1990 to 1.26 billion in 2017 at the time of writing this post, there has been a stupendous growth in information on the internet. (Curious to know which was the first one? It was a website at CERN research lab invented by Tim Berners Lee)

In fact, a new website is added every fraction of a second. It’s fascinating to see the live counter for websites.

Scanning the deluge of information in cyberspace for meaningful and actionable advice is a herculean task and very frustrating at times. So, where to go for credible information?

You need to approach the experts and pick their mind. Are you worried about how will they respond to your call? Don’t bother, you can get all their wisdom from their books.

Why Follow This List When There Are So Many Lists Out There?

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