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Neelabh Singh App DiscipleMy name is Neelabh Singh, the guy behind this website. I’m here because I am passionate about helping beginner app entrepreneurs (with or without coding background) overcome challenges in starting your own profitable app business.

I know what it is like to come up with a great idea to solve a problem and the frustration of not having the resources to convert it into a mobile app.

You start working on your app idea but then you hear the naysayers saying you are not gonna make it. 90% of the apps do not even break-even on the app store. Even, if you assume you are among the 10%, the entire process of app ideation, building a prototype, hiring a developer/ building it yourself, getting it approved on the app store and app marketing seems so overwhelming.

That is why I am here to help you to turn your passion into a successful and profitable app business. A business that will enable you to make money and live the lifestyle you truly want.

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My Story

It wasn’t long ago that I was working in a 9-to-5 MNC job that sucked the life out of me. Every Sunday evening I had a horrible feeling that the weekend is over and I would again have to go to the office the next morning.

When I discussed it with my colleagues they told me welcome to the real world and life is supposed to be this way. But I refused to believe this was all there was to life. It had to better than this.

I started looking for answers everywhere. I thought it was a problem with my job and started asking other friends how they were doing. Some had a problem with their boss, or their compensation or the kind of work they were doing or the lack of work-life balance.

But the bottom line was everyone was unhappy with the jobs they were doing.

4 Hour Workweek Cover

With the friend circle exhausted I started looking over the internet and came across the book The Four Hour Work Week. And my eyes lit up!

Here I was crunching 50 hours a week and spending my life in an office cubicle. And there was this guy, Tim Ferris who was traveling around the world, picking up great skills and making so much money in just 4 hours a week. In case, you have been living under a bed and don’t know who he is, here are some of his talents – motorcycle racer, tango dancer, ju-jitsu champion, an angel investor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, and author of 3 New York Times bestsellers.

And not only that, there was an entire community of people who had achieved the same following his methods. So I made my mind to learn the tricks of the trade.

App Empire Book
                      Chad Mureta

While following his blog, I came across an interview by a Chad Mureta – a real-estate guy who had gone from an accident to creating a million-dollar app empire without any technical background. After reading that interview I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his book – App Empire – Make Money, Have a Life and Let Technology Work for You.

How instagram started - Infographic

It was also the time when Instagram – an app that was made in 8 weeks, was acquired by Facebook for around a billion dollars.

It was then that I realized the power of mobile apps and decided that I wanted a piece of it.

So, I changed my job and moved to an app-based startup. As I joined in the initial stages, post Series A, there was plenty of work. I moved from a 50 hour work week to 80 hour work week and still loved it as I was learning a lot. There were so many interesting problems to solve that I lapped it up.

After working there for almost a year, I realized I had gained sufficient experience and it was time to create my own app business.

So this is me, learning the tricks of building a profitable app business and taking you along for the ride.

Now I am excited to wake up each day to work on my passion and help others like me.

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