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7 Effective Strategies To Validate Your App Idea Over The Weekend

So, you are getting bored sitting in your car waiting for the traffic to clear and then suddenly a bulb lights up in your head. You have got a great app idea. Something that can solve a problem and enhance life for so many people. You get back home, pick up your iPhone and search in the App Store.

Damn! That idea has already been taken. And the process repeats itself over and over again.

Most people have this train of thought when they come up with an app idea. Then there is another group a little better. For them the thought process goes something like this

General App Ideation Process

  • Light bulb moment!
  • When app store has similar apps – Oh! I can improve on them.
  • App store doesn’t have a similar app – Oh! I have the entire market to myself
  • Fantasize day and night about all the cool features you can build on your app
  • Start developing or hire a developer to build it
  • Spend 6 months to make it perfect. Then some more to add some jazz.
  • Spend 9 months on your app without letting even a cat know
  • Publish on the app store and pray
  • 5 people download your app – your mom, dad, girlfriend, a friend you bulldozed into and some random guy. Oh! I need to market.
  • After 12 months and $10,000 spent – Oh! The app market is saturated. There is no money to be made.

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How To Come Up With An Awesome App Idea

As per the 2017 Q1 report from Apple, developers have earned $70 billion globally on the App Store since 2008. Also, overall downloads grew 70 percent in the last 12 months.

This report coincided with another great infographic released by Pollen Venture Capital, a Fintech company providing financing to app developers, called the App Store Millionaire’s Index. The main highlights were:

  • 4648 app developers made >$1M across the iOS App Store and Google Play in 2016
  • 56% of ‘millionaire’ app revenues were outside the top 100 publishers
  • Almost 30,000 developers made >$100,000 on the app stores in 2016

App Developer's Income Split

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How to find a profitable niche for your app in 4 simple steps

1600 new apps are being introduced to the app store every single day. There are 5 million apps on iOS App Store and Google Play Store combined. If you are a me-too app in a crowded category, the chance of users finding your app in the store is extremely rare.

Hence, choosing a niche can be a make or break decision for your app. If you are an indie developer, without the resources of big companies it becomes all the more important. Continue reading