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Top 5 Courses Every Mobile App Entrepreneur Should Take

You would have read success stories about mobile app entrepreneurs who just made an app on the app store and became an overnight millionaire. But it’s not 2008 anymore!

Do you think Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, just happened to create a game that became an overnight sensation and earned them a billion-dollar valuation? Think again!

Rovio went through 51 failures before creating a game like Angry Birds. Moreover, they also had a smart marketing strategy at hand. They made more money from selling Angry Birds’ brand merchandise than from the app itself.

But you don’t need to go through 51 failures to create a successful app! You can learn from the experiences of successful app entrepreneurs and shorten the learning curve.

And what if I tell you, this information is already available out there. These app entrepreneurs who have created hundreds of apps, have millions of downloads and created an app empire are ready to hold your hand and teach you their secrets.

The question is, ‘Are you willing to learn from them?’

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10 Books Every Mobile App Entrepreneur Must Read

From 1 website in 1990 to 1.26 billion in 2017 at the time of writing this post, there has been a stupendous growth in information on the internet. (Curious to know which was the first one? It was a website at CERN research lab invented by Tim Berners Lee)

In fact, a new website is added every fraction of a second. It’s fascinating to see the live counter for websites.

Scanning the deluge of information in cyberspace for meaningful and actionable advice is a herculean task and very frustrating at times. So, where to go for credible information?

You need to approach the experts and pick their mind. Are you worried about how will they respond to your call? Don’t bother, you can get all their wisdom from their books.

Why Follow This List When There Are So Many Lists Out There?

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How to Prevent Bad App Reviews and Increase Your App’s Rating?

If you start to focus on app reviews you will quickly notice one fact. Bad reviews hurt your app more than the benefit you get from good reviews. When your rating is in the 4-ish range, you would need four 5-star reviews to compensate for one 1-star review.

Thus, apart from getting more positive reviews, it’s even more important to prevent the negative reviews.

I will answer this question from the perspective of combating bad app reviews. In case, you are looking to increase positive reviews you can check The Next 6 Things You Should Do To Increase App Reviews

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How Did I Increase My Productivity By 30% In 60 Days

With the advent of internet and higher speed broadband connections, the average amount of time spent online has risen. In fact, the amount of time spent on media has risen from a mere 2.7 hours in 2008 to 5.6 hours in 2015, an increase of more than 100%.

After the introduction of 5G, with a speed 3-times as fast as 4-G, this is further expected to increase.

Time spent online increasing - Decreasing productivity

At the same time, the number of mediums for distraction have also risen. It started with a little-known college-based social network called Facebook in 2004 and has assumed mammoth proportions in 2017.

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The 10 Commandments Of An App Disciple

One day, while I was still in the ‘student phase‘ and jumping from one article to another, I came across something interesting – the interview of Peter Diamandis on Tim Ferris’s blog.

Peter Diamandis is a New-York Times-bestselling author and the founder of more than 15 high-tech companies. He is the CEO of XPRIZE, executive chairman of Singularity University, co-chairman of Planetary Resources, Inc., a company designing spacecraft to mine asteroids for precious materials (seriously), and cofounder of Human Longevity, Inc. In 2014, he was named as one of ‘The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’ by Fortune Magazine.

Peter Diamandis Zero Gravity on App Disciple

Dr. Peter Diamandis (center) floating with Elon Musk (r), James Cameron (l), and others.

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What’s The Story Behind The Name App Disciple?

“It is very easy to be a student because the student is searching knowledge. He gathers knowledge, he becomes more and more knowledgeable. Finally, in his own turn he will become a teacher, but all that he knows is borrowed, nothing is really his own.

A disciple is a totally different phenomenon. A disciple is not a student; he is not interested in knowing about God, love, truth – he is interested in becoming God, in becoming truth, in becoming love. Remember the difference. Knowing about is one thing, becoming is totally different. The student is taking no risk; the disciple is going into the uncharted sea. The student is miserly, he is a hoarder; only then he can gather knowledge. The disciple is not interested in hoarding; he wants to experience, he wants to taste, and for that he is ready to risk all.

The word ‘disciple’ is also beautiful – it means one who is ready to learn. Hence the word ‘discipline’ – discipline means creating a space for learning. And disciple means being ready to learn. Who can be ready to learn? Only one who is ready to drop all his prejudices.… A disciple is the rarest flowering of human consciousness, because beyond the disciple there is only one peak more – the master. And one who has been totally a disciple one day becomes a master.” Continue reading

The App Boom Is Over! Can You Still Make Money From Apps?

There is a lot of negative news in the market regarding the future of app store and mobile apps. Peter Kafka at Recode has claimed ‘The app boom is over.’ Marketing Land cites a report by Adobe, ‘The PC is over, the ‘app boom’ is, too’. Quartz came out with an article stating majority smartphone users do not download any new apps.

However, it is just a skewed representation of facts incentivized by the media mantra, ‘Bad news sells better.

These are the same experts who have been claiming since the past 5 years that the e-commerce market is saturated and no longer a viable business. Anyone who believes the same should go and look at the stock price of Amazon, which is touching dizzying heights. Continue reading