The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) [Including Pro Tips and iOS11 Updates]

There is one question that is repeated by app entrepreneurs quite a bit. The exact wording varies, but it mostly goes like this:

“I have published an app on the app store but it’s not getting enough downloads. It’s a good quality app and I have tried to optimize it but still, it doesn’t work. There are worse apps that are ranking higher than mine. I am so frustrated. What should I do to get more downloads so that my app ranks in the top 10 ?”

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How Much Does It Really Cost to Build an App? (It’s Not What You Think!)

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? This is one of the most pressing questions asked by new app entrepreneurs. Yet you never get a clear answer for it. The most repeated answer is ‘It actually depends’.

This is so frustrating! How am I supposed to build an app for my awesome idea, when I don’t even know how much would it cost?

The problem is there is no correct answer for the above.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?

cost of building a house

House project with model, pencil and rules

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Top 12 App Store Optimization(ASO) Experts You Need to Know

Once the internet boom started in the 90s, there was a rush for getting your website and your shop online. As the number of websites increased, it became vital to rank your website high on the search engine search. This led to the development of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

On June 29, 2007, Steve Jobs laid the foundation to question the monopoly of websites. He did it by launching the first iPhone with an ecosystem of apps. A decade later, consumer preferences have shifted to mobile and it has become crucial to rank your app higher on the app store.

This has given rise to App Store Optimization (ASO). I would like to suggest 2 statistics to those who question the importance of ASO.

  1. As per Tunes 2015 survey, a staggering 67% of the users discover an app through the app store.
  2. As per Mobile Action data, a startling 82% of users never look past the top 25 search results.

So, achieving a top rank is crucial to generating a significant boost in downloads. But how do you learn more about the best practices in ASO, when there is so much junk out there? Continue reading

Importance of Long Tail Keywords in App Store Optimization (ASO)

You have launched your app on the app store but are not getting enough downloads. Although, you have a high-quality app and applied App Store Optimisation (ASO) techniques including a kickass app icon, amazing screenshots, great app title and high-volume keywords still you are not ranking in the top 10 for your keyword on the app store.

Unfortunately, this is the story for a lot of app entrepreneurs out there. But what is missing here?

The answer is a secret ingredient called long tail keyword.

What Is Actually a Long Tail Keyword?

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Book Review: Hooked – How to Build Habit-Forming Products?

I planned to read Hooked – How to Build Habit Forming Products by Nir Eyal after seeing it in multiple must-reads list for startups, entrepreneurs, and product managers.

You can find it in the reading list from Wrike – ‘25 Must-Read Books for Product Managers & Product Marketers’, ‘A Product Management Reading List’ by Clever PM and ‘6 Books Every Mobile-App Entrepreneur Must Read’ by Rahul Varshneya in The Entrepreneur.

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How to Prevent Bad App Reviews and Increase Your App’s Rating?

If you start to focus on app reviews you will quickly notice one fact. Bad reviews hurt your app more than the benefit you get from good reviews. When your rating is in the 4-ish range, you would need four 5-star reviews to compensate for one 1-star review.

Thus, apart from getting more positive reviews, it’s even more important to prevent the negative reviews.

I will answer this question from the perspective of combating bad app reviews. In case, you are looking to increase positive reviews you can check The Next 6 Things You Should Do To Increase App Reviews

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Interview: Meet Rob Caraway Whose Apps Made $240k+ on the App Store


Developer Name Rob Caraway
App Name GifShare
App Niche Photos and Media
App Description Instagram Gif Editor
iOS/Android iOS
Country United States
Year Published 2014
Pricing Freemium
Revenue (per month) 10,000
Total Revenue (in US$) 240,000
Downloads 750,000
No. of people 1
Reason for success Detailed market research and idea validation
Social Media @recaraway

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Should You Learn To Code or Outsource Your First App?

Learn to code or outsource your first app

Learn to code or outsource to an app developer? What should you do for your first app?

This is one of the most pressing questions faced by app entrepreneurs. It is right at the top with other 3 questions like

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Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Choose for App Development?

You have come up with a brilliant app idea that can solve a great problem. Not only that, you also successfully validated your idea and are ready to move full throttle on app development.

Just then you hit a roadblock leaving you stumped. Which platform should you build an app for? Should you go for the mass appeal of Android? Or should you rather choose the premium class of iOS? What about both?

This is a question that every app entrepreneur deals with when they start building their first mobile app.

Android and iOS: What if We Choose Both Platforms?

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10 Inspirational People in the Mobile App Industry You Should Follow

A large amount of how successful you will be in life comes down to the people you spend time with. This is basically the law of averages catching up with you.

Jim Rohn, a renowned businessman, and a motivational speaker has an excellent video on the power of association using the Parable of the Sower and Reaper.

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ – Jim Rohn

If the people around you are so important, then you should give huge importance to who do you spend the maximum amount of your time with. Continue reading