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Interview: Meet Charlyn Keating Who Reveals Her Formula for Successful Apps

The app story of Charlyn Keating, an indie app developer from Florida, United States who makes $2400 per month on the app store. Read the story of how frustration with making money on app store led her to interview 32 app experts in the Appreneur Summit, write an Amazon bestseller and made her a successful app entrepreneur in the process.

Tell us about yourself and what are you working on?

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10 Important Lessons I Learned from The Appreneur Playbook

Do you have a great idea for an app and are wondering how to make it happen? Are you on the sidelines thinking indie developers can’t compete with big companies and deep pockets on the app store?

Are you of the opinion that 90% of the developers lose money on the app store and it’s not worth it? Have you already developed an app and looking for the perfect launch strategy? Are you worried about the crowded app store and how will your app stand out?

Are you wondering about what are the right metrics to focus on your app? Have you already made an app but are worried about not getting downloads?

The Appreneur Playbook by Charlyn Keating answers all these questions and even more. This book has golden nuggets of information which is useful for both an amateur as well as an experienced indie app entrepreneur.

Exclusive Bonus: Charlyn is back with The Appreneur Summit – Version 2.0 in December 2017. Tickets to The Appreneur Summit are free, and it’s online, so you can see if from wherever you are. Even better, you can see Trey Smith’s interview (who got 65 million downloads for his game apps) right now if you pick up an All-Access Pass while they’re still super-cheap ($97). You’ll also get a ton of extras, like:
– Access to every all-new video, the second they’re posted (get ahead of the pack)
– MP3 downloads of all videos to listen on-the-go
– Transcripts of all the videos
…and she’s throwing in full access to all 32 of the original Appreneur Summit interviews ($79), which you also get instantly!
The price will increase another $200 after the summit, so this is the best time to pick one up. If you can’t swing that now (I get it), just grab the free pass. You’ll have access to this video for a full 48 hours in December when The Appreneur Summit goes live to the general public.

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