Top 5 Courses Every Mobile App Entrepreneur Should Take

You would have read success stories about mobile app entrepreneurs who just made an app on the app store and became an overnight millionaire. But it’s not 2008 anymore!

Do you think Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, just happened to create a game that became an overnight sensation and earned them a billion-dollar valuation? Think again!

Rovio went through 51 failures before creating a game like Angry Birds. Moreover, they also had a smart marketing strategy at hand. They made more money from selling Angry Birds’ brand merchandise than from the app itself.

But you don’t need to go through 51 failures to create a successful app! You can learn from the experiences of successful app entrepreneurs and shorten the learning curve.

And what if I tell you, this information is already available out there. These app entrepreneurs who have created hundreds of apps, have millions of downloads and created an app empire are ready to hold your hand and teach you their secrets.

The question is, ‘Are you willing to learn from them?’

Top 5 Courses for Every Mobile App Entrepreneur

Online courses for app entrepreneurs

Here are the top 5 courses that every mobile app entrepreneur should take to create a successful app business.

1. From Idea to App Store – A Complete Guide from an Insider

Course for App Entrepreneur by Charles Du

From App Idea to App Store by Charles Du

What’s the Course About?

The course enables you to turn your app idea into reality without any technical knowledge. You can learn about how to find a technical founder, outsource your app for cheap, write detailed app product specs and launch a full-fledged app on the app store.

Course Instructor

The course is created by Charles Du who has been a Product Manager at NASA, Apple, and Ticketmaster. He led the design of the NASA’s first iPhone app which received 10+ million downloads and won NASA’s Software of the Year Award.

Charles has also taught product management at prestigious universities like Stanford, UCLA, Art Center and General Assembly. He is also a Digital Nomad and has traveled/worked in 30 countries.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As Charles is an Apple insider, you can directly learn from him the 5 ingredients that Apple looks for in a great app. It can increase your chances of getting featured on the App Store.

You can also learn the main reasons behind apps getting rejected by Apple and avoid such a fate.

Ratings and Duration

It has an average rating score of 4.3 with 50+ great ratings. The duration of the course is 3 hours.


Priced at $50 it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Charles.

2. The Non-Technical Person’s Guide to Building Product and Apps

Course for app entrepreneur by Evan Kimbrell

Non-Technical Person’s Guide to Building Products and Apps by Evan Kimbrell

What’s the Course About?

The course enables you to travel the entire spectrum from an App Idea to MVP with no CTO and no coding. You can learn how to pre-evaluate your idea without spending a penny, validate it using a landing page, create a prototype, get your app designed for cheap, outsource to a developer and launch it on the app store.

Course Instructor

The course is created by Evan Kimbrell who is the Founder of Sprintkick, a full-service digital agency. At Sprintkick he has overseen the development and launch of over 100 apps for small startups to Fortune 100 companies.

He is an ex-VC from Juvo Capital and founder of a startup called ScholarPRO that went through 5 tech incubators.

He teaches 16 courses with 140,000+ students on Udemy.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The course is very practical where Evan takes an idea right from the validation stage to deployment. Instead of just talking about it, he actually uses the process and tools required to take an app from idea to launch stage.

Also, you get $23,000+ in discounts and free stuff on various tools and $5000 worth of legal documents for outsourcing apps.

Ratings and Duration

It has an average rating score of 4.2 on Udemy with 458 ratings. This is a mammoth of a course at 22.5 hours.


Priced at $195 it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy.

3. BlueCloud Select

Course by carter thomas

Bluecloud Select by Carter Thomas

What’s the Course About?

This is not a single course but a collection of courses to enable you to turn an app idea into a successful app business in 30 days without any coding.

It consists of courses on reskinning, launching your app, App Store Optimization (ASO), monetization and Facebook ads. It not only gives you access to the courses but also provides you with an access to a mastermind community, exclusive source codes and personalized app consulting.

Course Instructor

Carter Thomas who is the founder of Bluecloud Solutions. He started with no coding background and finally sold his app portfolio of 100+ apps to a hedge fund for $200,000.

His blog gets more than 200,000 monthly visitors and has a global rank (on SimilarWeb) of 179,000. He is also the host of BlueCloud podcast and an international speaker at mobile app conferences.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Using the system mentioned in the course, Carter and team made over 1,500 mobile apps and amassed over 20 million app downloads. They have also sold 5 app portfolios and generated 7 figures+ in revenue. This proves the worth of the system.

It also gives you access to a community of like-minded people to network and learn from.

Ratings and Duration

The course has several positive reviews but a count is not available. The total duration of the course is a massive 70+ hours.


Priced at $27 per month it comes with a 14-day trial offer for $1.

4. Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses

Course for app entrepreneurs by Guy Kawasaki

Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

What’s the Course About?

This is THE course on Entrepreneurship you have got to take!

If you have an idea for a business that you think will make the world a better place, this course will help you organize your thoughts and make it happen, right from the start.

Right from developing your idea to launching your business and fundraising, this course can arm you with the most powerful principles to become a successful entrepreneur.

Course Instructor

The course has been created by Guy Kawasaki. That should be enough!

But if you have been living under the bed and don’t know who he is read ahead. Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. Formerly, he was an advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist of Apple.

He is also the author of APE, What the Plus!, Enchantment, and nine other books. Kawasaki has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The course has been created by 2 VCs (Venture Capitalists) and one of them is a former Chief Evangelist of Apple. Basically, 20 years of learning and experience compressed into 1.5 hours of video. It’s a goldmine!

Ratings and Duration

The course has 320 positive reviews. The total duration of the course is 1.5 hours.


The course is available with a premium membership of Skill Share at $15 per month (or $99 annually). The membership also allows you to access 4000+ other premium courses.

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5. Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO), Marketing & Monetization

Course for mobile app entrepreneur by Alex Genadinik

ASO, Marketing, and Monetization by Alex Genadinik

What’s the Course About?

While other courses mentioned above enable you to create a great mobile app, this course allows you to monetize it effectively.

It helps you to rank higher on the app store by doing effective App Store Optimization (ASO). It enables you to get more app downloads by designing a great marketing strategy using press coverage, social media, and cross-promotion.

Lastly, you can learn how to make more money from your app using subscriptions, in-app purchases, ads and affiliate products.


Alex Genadinik who is the creator of Problemio business apps with 1 million plus downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle.

He is a 3-time bestselling author on Amazon and host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube. He teaches over 100 courses with 90,000+ students on Udemy.


Alex himself has got 1,000,000+ app downloads and ranked #1 for the keyword ‘business’ on Google Play Store. Everything that is taught in the course has been tried and tested by him.

Also, he holds bi-weekly office hours for all students where you can get direct advice from him for your app and get to network with other students.

Ratings and Duration

It has an average rating score of 4.6 on Udemy with 318 ratings. This duration of the course is 4.5 hours.


This course is available with a premium membership of Skill Share at $15 per month. You can also get it at Udemy for $150.

Final Thoughts

Have you taken any of the courses above? If yes, how was your experience? Or do you have any great courses in mind that should be a part of this list? Let me know in the comments below. They might just get added to the list 🙂

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